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We offer FREE DELIVERY to all New York metro locations for quantities up to 50.
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Our store has been business for over 20 years.

We do printing on our garments on premises! It is done instantly in a matter of couple of minutes. All you have to do is to choose a garment and a design that you want to be printed on garment itself. Design can be chosen from our collection of over 150 already existing ones, which you can see in our store, or it can be your own. For example you can write any word, two, three or as many as we can fit on the garment of your choice. You can make a fraise on front of your shirt, on the back of your shirt or any garment of your choice.   

For now we have two fonts (small font:size 3/4" X 1/2"; BALOON BOLD BT; big font:size 2 " X 1 1/4" ARIAL BLACK) that we use for writing on garments: Small one, that comes in WHITE color, BLACK color and RED color and the big font that comes in WHITE color, BLACK color and RED color too. You can mix fonts and colors as long as the color of the garment permits it.


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font sizes
Size 3/4" X 1/2"
Size 2" X 1 1/4"

We use the best shirts available on the market; American Apparel is one of the companies whose apparel is widely used in our store with its huge ladies and men's assortment. All their garments are made in USA in sweatshirt free environment somewhere in the suburbs of Los Angeles . We also use GILDAN shirts regular cut in short and long sleeves. We use Lee sweatshirts with hoods and without them etc. Aprons on which you can also put your writing and make a cute present for BBQ fathers or hard working moms whose kitchen you admire so much, underwear for ladies, baseball hats, youth shirts and onesis and many other things. All the garments are available in variety of sizes and colors. ... see gift ideas

Our website is not designed to accept orders online but you can place your order over the phone 646-409-9183 or by email tshirts@teeshirtgallery.com every day from 9am to 9pm EST .
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Orders are shipped the very next day (Mon.-Fri.) following your order by US Mail or UPS on your request throughout the world. Shipping rates for US continental start from $5.99.

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